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Think Green...

At Boggs Auto Collision Rebuilders we are more than just an auto collision center. We are family owned company that appreciates and respects the customers that we serve and the community that we live in. That is why we are doing everything that we can to take care of our customers, staff, neighbors, community and the earth. We realize that we cannot change everything but we can start by making small differences and setting the pace for the rest of the industry.

Non-Hazardous Paint Gun CleanerWe have made two bold initiatives towards maintaining a better life style for all of us.

Our first step was a non-hazardous waste paint gun washer. We are the first shop in New Jersey to use this technology. Working with paint can be a messy job, and clean up is the worst. For years lacquer thinner was the solution of choice for cleaning the paint guns. Boggs Auto Collision Builders researched and found a safer solution. Their non-hazardous paint gun washer uses a water soluble, biodegradable solvent to clean their equipment. This is a huge step towards insuring the health and safety of their staff, and it doesn't put a burden on the environment.